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Our firm (without any Covid19 infection so far, fortunately) has been providing general legal practice in many areas of law for over 35 years. You are welcome to seek legal advice by making an appointment ,through email or telephone to meet us for consultation . 

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(Updated: Feb 2022)


Wedding Updates

Recent TV Appearances

14 Dec 2021

Wedding Registration at 

World Trust Tower,

50 Stanley Street, Central, HONG KONG

Language: Putonghua

10 Dec 2021

Western Wedding at

Clear Water Bay Country  Club

Sai Kung, New Territories. 

Language: English-Cantonese

15 Nov 2021

Western Wedding at 

The Murry

Central, Hong Kong

Language: Cantonese 

10 Oct 2021

Western Wedding at 

FT Life Tower,

Kowloon Bay, Kowloon


Nina Hotel,

Tin Hau, Hong Kong.

Language: Both occasions in Cantonese

2 Oct 2021

Western Wedding at 

World Trust Tower,

50 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Language: English

18 Sep 2021

Western Wedding at 

Madam Fu,

Tai Kwan, Hollywood Road, Central,

Hong Kong

Language: English

30 Jun 2021

Western Wedding at 

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Language: English

2 Feb 2022

Mr. Tse appeared at TV85 "Property A Day (日日有樓睇)" to discuss Monetary Authority's new proposal for direct fund transfer  between vendor's and purchaser's respective banks with a view to protect the parties against unfortunate intervention  over solicitors firms. 

27 Jan 2022

Mr. Tse spoke at Wu's website (胡說樓市) advising remedies left to purchaser of Housing Authority's Green Form Subsidized Home Ownership Scheme (綠置居)who buys a residential unit  (seriously infected by insects caused by unhygienic adjacent unit) without inspection beforehand.

26 Jan 2022

Mr. Tse appeared on TV85 "Property A Day (日日有樓睇)" to discuss the new legislation in Landlord & Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance, Cap 7 effective on 22 Jan 2022 would regulate all partitioned units in residential buildings

19 Jan 2022

Mr. Tse appeared on  TV85 "Property A Day (日日有樓睇)"to discuss whether employees' compensation insurance applies to work-at-home, and whether work/services at home is in breach of government lease and/ot deed of mutual covenants. 

Latest News

Latest news

  • Wed 2nd Feb 2022 (年初二) is auspicious day to start work in the Year of the Tiger.

  • Jan 2022 In preparation for better health to work, Mr. Tse was tested twice to obtain negative covid-19 confirmations.

  • Dec 2021 Successfully boosting immunity upon 3rd vaccine. Working as normal

  • Saturday 10th April 2021 No adverse effect felt at all after 2nd vaccine. Working as normal.

  •  Monday 22 March 2021 Mr. Tse attended office to work at full gear as he fully recovered in less than 48 hours from the mild side-effects after his 1st vaccine injection of BioNTech on Saturday 20 March.

  • Monday 15 Feb 2021 (年初四) is auspicious day to start work in the Year of the Ox.

  • Update on 25 Feb 2021. Hang Lung completed the purchase after  Central Government had given approval for the transaction to go ahead. (Previous posting  :30 Dec 2020 Hang Lung Properties Ltd/Hang Lung Group Ltd announced today that according to Central People's Government of China (CPG), the sale of No. 37 Shouson Hill Road by the registered owner United States of America (not being a commercial entity) at HK$2.566 billion under an Memorandum of Agreement dated 30th September 2020 was not an ordinary real estate property transaction and as required by Dimplomatic Obligations, the US Government should at least 60 days before any intended disposition apply in writing to the CPG's for its consent. According to Land Registry record,  the 1st lessee of the lot was a Mr. Peter Kingson KWOK who sold it to Mr. Eric GRIMBLE at HK$33,000 in 1941. USA purchased the property in 1948 from Mr. Eric GRIMBLE at HK$315,250. The registration of the said Memorandum of Agreement dated 30th September 2020 is now being stopped by the Land Registry.)

  • 26 Dec 2020 Mr. Raymond TSE performed a Covid19 Rapid Antigen Test using nasal swap. The test result shows just 1 C marker, which means the outcome is negative. Observing social distancing  measures (avoiding/reducing social contacts and group meals to minimal), avoiding hand-touching common parts & frequent hand-washing with soap (more than 10 times a day) certainly help..

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