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Privacy Policy

All the information and contents in this Web-Page and Web-Site and all communications/data via emails and other electronic media/devices are hosted and processed in IT systems/server(s), and such IT systems/server(s) may be hosted and/or transferred and/or processed outside Hong Kong. By using and/or accessing this Web-Page and Web-Site, and/or by communicating with Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors, users consent to the hosting, transfer and/or processing of any personal information and data as may be collected from users/browsers in the IT systems/server(s), which may be located/stored inside or outside Hong Kong.


In order to protect your privacy in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong (“PDPO”), Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors have regard and pay attention to the following matters :-

A. Collection, Use and Retention of personal data and information

1. If users/browsers are merely visiting or browsing this Web-Page and Web-Site on matters of interest, no personal data or information will be collected about such users/browsers, except to the limited extent of non-personal information through cookies described in the Cookies Statement.

2. If users/browsers apply for job(s) or vacancy(ies) in Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors, personal data/information will be collected and processed when such users/browsers send email(s) and other electronic communications, which personal data/information will then be collected and used for any or all of the following purposes:

  • Assessing/sorting/evaluating their applications, qualifications and suitability, including whether to reply, request further information/supporting document(s), invite for interview(s), negotiate availability, make offer(s) etc;

  • Conducting due diligence, risk assessment, litigation, professional sanction(s), criminal & media/background checks;

  • Requesting reference(s) and/or other information from third party(ies) and professional body(ies); and

  • Such other searches and/or checks as may be relevant and deemed necessary.

3. Once personal data/information has been collected, used and processed, Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. , Solicitors will retain such personal data/information only for so long as is necessary for fulfilling the purpose(s) for which they were collected. After such duration of time, Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors will erase their personal data/information from its IT systems/servers.

4. However, where the local/overseas government authority(ies) having jurisdiction over the IT systems/server(s) require the IT system(s)/server(s) hosts/provider(s) to keep backup(s) within their mainframe(s)/storage centre(s) for national security purpose, in respect of which Raymond T. L. Tse, Solicitors have no control or say or are not aware of, users/browsers should make their own independent enquiry(ies).

B. Disclosure

1. Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors may disclose users/browsers’ personal data/information, if collected, to third party(ies) in the following circumstances:

  • When it is necessary for the hosting, transfer and/or processing of such personal data/information in its IT systems/server(s) and/or other external service provider(s) which may be located inside or outside Hong Kong;

  • When such disclosure is expressly requested or consented;

  • To comply with competent court’s order(s) or lawful request(s)/direction(s) issued any governmental, legal or regulatory authority(ies); or

  • Where such disclosure is reasonably necessary and related to the dispositions and activities of all or any part of the businesses of Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors.

C. Control and Protection of personal data/information if collected.

1. Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors are duty a general duty to keep information confidential, and therefore will not collect or compile personal data/information, if obtained by this Web-Site, for any dissemination, marketing or sale to outsider third party(ies) for consumer marketing purposes, and will not host mailings on behalf of third party(ies).

2. Users/browsers are entitled to check and request whether details of their personal data/information have been collected by this Web-Site and further whether such personal data/information are still being kept and stored.  Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors respect personal data/information and will try its best to safeguard and protect such personal data/information to ensure that personal data/information if collected, kept/stored, are accurate and up-to-date. In accordance with the guidelines of PDPO, Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.

3. If, after confirmation that personal data/information of users/browsers have been collected, kept and stored, users could at any time request Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors to update, correct, rectify, erase or restrict the processing, retention and use of their personal data/information. However, Raymond T. L. Tse & Co. Solicitors reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for such request.

D. Third-party(ies) Hyperlink(s)

1. Please note that links/hyperlinks to other web sites, whether situate and operated inside or outside Hong Kong, are not governed by this Privacy Statement. These linked web sites may or may not have their own privacy statements, and even if they contain any privacy statements, their privacy statement may be quite different from this Web-Site. Users/browsers should enquire and check directly with these linked and third-party(ies) web sites for more information.

2. Raymond T. L. Tse & Co., Solicitors have not endorsed and will not endorse on the privacy statement(s) of third-party web sites. Further, no representations or warranties are made regarding how personal data/information will be stored, processed, used kept or retained in the third-party(ies)’ websites and servers. Please review their web sites’ privacy statements, if any, and make your own decision whether to link and access these third-party(ies) websites even if they are linked from this Web-Page or Web-Site.


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