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Immigration & Visa Application

Hong Kong being a vibrant international city attracts many immigrants each year to reside and work here.

Potential employees may apply to the Immigration Department for work visas to be sponsored by their companies. Employees with special skills (cooks of  specialty cultural foods, native languages of less popular dialects etc) and talents apply and would be favourably considered if their skills would contribute towards the well-being and  good economy of Hong Kong, especially if such skills and talents could not be readily sourced locally.

Another way to immigrate to Hong Kong is through dependant visas and such category is common found after marriage to a local permanent resident with good economy background to sponsor and support the applicants.

Child(ren) borne overseas out of Hong Kong may apply to the Immigration Department to verify and confirm their status to reside in Hong Kong, if one of the parents is a Hong Kong permanent resident.

Investment visas and business visas are for those with well-off resources to inject a large sum of monies or to start up a business beneficial to Hong Kong economy. To prevent money laundering, the Immigration Department would require lots of supporting evidence as the clean source of funds which belong to the applicants holding such wealth by himself/herself for some moderate period of time.

If you are plan to come to live in Hong Kong, you should consult legal advisers in advance to check and assess the chance of success. 


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