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Finding a Good Celebrant of Marriages in Hong Kong

A Good Civil Celebrant of Marriages should:-

  • Be well experienced with track records of many successfully held civil celebration of marriages. 

  • Receive high recommendations & top-ratings from other clients - couples, their relatives and professional wedding planners

  • Well experienced to handle (sometimes quite urgent) applications made locally in Hong Kong and from overseas

  • Care about & respect the couple and their Big Day. 

  • Be able to grasp & control the wedding atmosphere; arouse & cheer up the focused attention of the wedding couple & their audiences, especially in less-than-ideal or distracting venues.

  • Be pro-active, helpful & cheerful, yet solemn and good-looking.

  • Leave good, impressive & valuable memories to the couple, relatives and all the guests.

  • Be fluent in speech,   with good command of English, Chinese/Cantonese and Putonghua/Mandarin. Impressive speaking skills. 

  • Have eye contacts with the couple & the audience. Able to memorize couple's names. 

  • Know how to streamline & recommend the wedding programme/rundown. Suggest appropriate arrangments as to:

        ​ 1. March-in sequence

         2. Proper walking & standing positions of groom/bestman, bride/maid of

             honour & the witnesses 

         3. Rings exchange technique

         4. Rehearsing with couple to make impressive vows

  • Attend personally (not by assistant) briefing session & rehearsal with couple just before the wedding ceremony 

  • Able to build up good, harmonious & supportive team spirit with the couple, MCs & venue staffs. Suggest the best arrangements as to the venue settings. 

  • Ensure the smooth & successful run-down of programme in English style, US style or Western style of weddings. 

  • For marriage involving 2 cultures/nationalities, able to understand different cultural backgrounds and rituals. Familiarize with English, French, HK-Western & US wedding styles of marriages. 

  • Be punctual to attend the wedding venue with proper dressing. 

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